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Voor informatie in het Nederlands over de schrifdiensten en kwalificaties van 1 2 Work in English, a.u.b. een email met uw vraag sturen naar info@12workinenglish.com. Voor informatie in het Engels over de kwalificaties en ervaring van
1 2 Work in English, gaat u naar About 1 2 Work in English.

Pour obtenir des infos en français à propos des services de l'anglais écrit et des qualifications de 1 2  Work, s.v.p. envoyez vos questions à
info@12workinenglish.com. Pour des informations en anglais à propos des qualifications de 1 2 Work in English, veuillez voir About 1 2 Work in English.

For 1 2 Work in English's teaching qualifications and CV, go to About 1 2 Work in English.

Translation Service:

Translation of written text from Dutch, French or German into English, including editing after review by the client of the draft and proofreading.
Specialization: IT, medicine, advertising, business, administration, autobiography, literature, music.
15 eurocents per word in the source language (NL, FR, DE), inclusive of tax (VAT).
Rates per hour are possible instead of per word.
Highly technical, poetic or lyrical input texts and rush jobs cost more.
Approximately 2000 words per day for non-technical prose texts.
For texts over 5000 words, a small extract will be translated free of charge to serve as a basis for the price estimation and setting the style. If the translated extract is satisfactory, the price and delivery date for the rest will then be agreed.
Editing and Proofreading Service:



Edit and/or proofread English texts, including translations into English by other people. 

- European Union English, particularly project audit reports and meeting minutes
- EU formal diplomatic correspondence (emails and letters)
- IT and business process descriptions, training manuals,
project proposals, business plans;
- advertising brochures, internal communications;
- government and administration emails, letters, meeting minutes;
- academic theses,
medical and scientific articles, book chapters;
- oral slide presentations;
- autobiographies; 

- webpages
- native English speaker che
ck of other people's translations into English.

- Marked-up proofs (paper or electronic)
- Edited copy (electronic with tracked changes).
more than 1 error per 100 words
€0.035 per word
1 or fewer errors per 100 words
€0.015 per word
we sit together to draft your message
€50.00 per hour
Prices include tax (VAT).
For expert review in addition, the price can be considerably higher, depending on what checks are required (e.g.,
40 / hour for fact checking and CV table and text alignment).
Range: for proofreading 10000 words per day (non-technical texts); for heavy editing 2000 words per day (technical texts or editing per line).
For texts over 5000 words, an extract will be edited to serve as a basis for the price estimation.  If the edited extract is satisfactory, the price and delivery date for the rest will then be agreed.


All texts sent to info@12workinenglish.com are confidential. Extremely sensitive material is edited at your premises.


Send all requests for translations or editing work to
info@12workinenglish.com or call mobile phone +32 472 9000 26.

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