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Tutoring and Teaching Services:
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European Union Personnel



Voor informatie in het Nederlands over de lessen en cursussen van 1 2 Work in English, a.u.b. een email met uw vraag sturen naar info@12workinenglish.com.

Pour obtenir des infos en français à propos des leçons privées et des cours disponibles chez 1 2  Work in English, s.v.p. envoyez votre question à

For 1 2 Work in English's teaching qualifications and CV, go to About 1 2 Work in English.

Tutoring Service

Tutoring means a tailor-made course for one person. This includes coaching. It's ideal for people who want to combine real life exercises in their professional domain with learning formal and informal English.

What:      Private English lessons for adults (18 years or older). You define what to study. Examples:
               - pronunciation, conversation, grammar, vocabulary (
business, administrative, legal..)
               - preparation and practice for oral English exams (European Union, Belgian universities, CPE, TOEFL)
               - preparation and practice for the SAT, GRE and GMAT exams
               - CV and job application preparation
               - mock job interview
               - oral presentation review, presentation and question practice (for European Union exams)
               - sales and negotiation skills practice (group negotiation sessions for European Union exams)
               - diplomatic English practice (for working in international environments and at embassies)

               - prosodic coaching (how fluently you present a topic: phrasing, pauses, pitch...)
               - writing (how fluently you write: logic, structure, grammar, vocabulary, style...)
Other typical knowledge domains:
               - project management, business planning

               - service level management
               - IT - business communication on technical topics
               - chairing meetings or meeting administration
               - audit report writing in English
               - publication of scientific articles in academic journals
               - website design - pre-sales
               - academic domains (Psychology, Linguistics, Business...)

Where:    Face to face, at 1 2 Work in English premises in Brussels, via Skype or via Fuze

45 € per hour per student via Skype or at my premises
               15 € per hour extra for each additional student
€ per hour extra for every 30 minutes (15 minutes one way) of travel to other premises.
               SAT, GRE, and GMAT coaching cost 60 € per hour (80 per hour outside Belgium, exclusive of travel costs).

Time:       Any time.
Other:      It is possible to take just one lesson, or more as you feel necessary.

Tutoring EU Personnel:

1 2 Work in English has considerable experience meeting the specific needs of EU personnel for tutoring in EU English in their multilingual environment and is familiar with EU English exams, EU practices and EU jargon.

Teaching Service

What:      Teach English to a class.
               1 2 Work in English mainly teaches to advanced students of English.
Other levels are taught only
               in short, intensive courses.

Where:    At your premises.

Negotiable, starting from 60 € per hour (2 students).

Short courses preferred (1-2 weeks and 20 hours or less). 


Please send your tutoring or teaching request to info@12workinenglish.com.
Tutoring by
1 2 Work in English is also available via University Tutors (Brussels) and other websites
Mobile Phone +32 472 9000 26.

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