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Cynthia Grover

1 2 Work in English
Cynthia Grover
Brussels, Belgium
English language services (translate, edit, tutor)
GSM: +32 472 9000 26
Skype: OneToWork

Have fun working  : )      Curiosity hasn't killed the cat yet.
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English Language Services History:

I used to help out my classmates by explaining things. By age 14, that had blossomed into summers of tutoring schoolmates in the lower grades to help them pass remedial exams. After a B.A., an M.A. and a Ph.D. on language and speech, I was drawn into the world of computer speech, and from there into the information technology industry, where I became by turns a process expert, a project manager and an internal auditor.  It's all been fascinating !  Now I am returning to language, my first love. All through my life, someone has always wanted a helping hand, whether with English grammar, presentation skills, defending a proposal, passing exams, translation or editing. That's what I now give.

I speak, read and write English (my mother tongue, from Nova Scotia, Canada), French and Dutch. I read and understand German very well, but have not spoken or written it in 20 years. In Spanish, I am a beginner. I have a smattering of Greek and Russian.

Tutoring and Teaching Qualifications:

I am an experienced teacher who prefers tutoring, has a deep knowledge of business, IT and academic domains and knows how to succeed at exams.
  • Cambridge English Examiner for speaking exams: First Certificate (FCE), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE)
  • Over 30 years' experience tutoring students (10+ different mother tongues).
  • 14 years' teaching experience in 4 countries and over the Internet, including university lectureships.
  • Native English speaker who speaks near-native French and Dutch and has worked in English, French, Dutch and German.
  • B.A. in translation and literature - Modern Languages (Oxford), M.A. Linguistics (Calgary), Ph.D. Psychology (Newfoundland).
  • 99th percentile (PSAT quantitative, GRE analytic); 97th percentile (PSAT verbal)
  • top score of over 1 million test takers for US Basic English (Odesk)
  • 13+ years as a project manager and process expert, 4 years' experience as an internal auditor.
Here are the native languages of the people to whom I have taught English over the years. 

Student`s native language Course themes
German, Greek, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Basque, Vietnamese, French, Czech, Russian, Bulgarian
pronunciation, vocabulary (general and legal), grammar
Dutch, French, Japanese, Basque, Spanish, Congolese, Wolof, Czech, Arabic, Rumanian, Latvian, Bulgarian, Russian
writing reports, memo's and emails for work (government, business, audit, academic theses)
Basque, Vietnamese, French, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Finnish, Rumanian, Bulgarian
how to prepare and deliver oral presentations
Spanish, Basque, French, Russian
mock job interviews and oral examinations
Spanish, Basque, French, Vietnamese, German, Dutch
how to prepare a CV and cover letter
French, English, Farsi, Dutch, German
SAT, GRE and GMAT exam preparation
French, Dutch, Bulgarian, Greek, Spanish, Rumanian
diplomatic English and negotiating in English

Qualifications for Teaching Diplomatic English and Negotiating in English:

My qualifications are experience and natural character. My teaching has covered how to: write formal emails and letters to heads of state, write speaking notes for ministers, receive heads of state and international sales clients and suppliers, chair conference meetings and negotiation sessions, negotiate at meetings and over the telephone, and how to make polite small talk, among other things.

Characterwise, I am interested in other people's points of view and have been exposed to many viewpoints through years of living in many countries and working in many areas. As a researcher and auditor I am used to listening, obtaining conflicting data, and resolving those conflicts or explaining them. Nearly 20 years in Belgium as a project manager, process improvement expert and internal auditor have given me the diplomatic skills to defend a standpoint politely and to seek win-win outcomes. Being a Gemini, I think it's fun to hold two opposite opinions at the same time.

Translating and Editing Qualifications

I deliver correct, accurate English and attend to the logic and structure of your message. I stand for:
  • Over 2000 pages of writing and editing experience
  • Editorial advice on job applications, CVs, emails, memoranda, newsletter articles, letters, presentations, reports, proposals, and web pages (150 pages).
  • Over 250 pages of translation and proofreading of non-native speakers' translations:
    •  French (FR)English (EN), German (DE)EN, Dutch (NL)EN, Spanish (ES)EN, ENFR, ENDE, FRNL
  • 15 years in the academic world, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., and positions as a university lecturer (French, Linguistics, Psychology)
  • 18 years in the IT, business and government worlds
  • PMP (project management professional), CISA (IT auditor)

English Writing for Business and for Fun

  • Participation in the winning bid for a 4 year contract to teach diplomatic English to the Belgian government
  • Pronunciation and Prosody (10 pages of a course book for a pronunciation workshop course), CLL
  • Teaching materials development for several courses (54 pages), Communicaid
  • English Writing Tips (15 pages), initial version produced at Belgacom
  • Internal Audit Reports (557 pages), Belgacom
  • IT Training and Project Management process manuals, websites, guidelines, templates, process descriptions and service level reports (198+ pages), Belgacom
  • Promocor Cookbook 1 - Prosodic Database Creation (40 pages), Lernout & Hauspie
  • Promocor Cookbook 2 - Text Design for Prosodic Databases (45 pages), Lernout & Hauspie
  • How to Operate the Language Laboratory Equipment (about 10 pages), MUN
  • Graduate Students' Union Newsletter, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Squash Newfoundland Newsletter, Squash Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada


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Brief Curriculum Vitae:

The details most relevant for the English language services of 1 2 Work in English are given here.

2016 Cambridge English Examiner (FCE, CAE and CPE speaking exams)
2015 Tailor-made courses on writing audit reports in English for the Flemish government; on translating into English for the Justice Department of the Belgian government.
2014-15 Editing CVs and cover letters for businesspeople, EU staff and seconded national experts.
2014-15 Translations for a major bank in Paris, My Sherpa, the European Institute for Bio-Ethics, and private clients (DE-EN, FR-EN, FR-NL, NL-EN)
2014-15 Tailor-made courses on networking and diplomatic English for the Flemish government ministerial staff, European Commission ministerial staff, Members of the European Parliament, the staff of the prime minister of an EU member country and for conference chairs.
2014 Course development and bid preparation at the request of language schools
2013-15 SAT, GRE and GMAT coach for Manhattan Elite Prep.com  and Jefferson Academics in Belgium and Germany
2013-15 Editor for Scribendi.com
Tailor-made courses on oral presentations and administrative English for the European institutions and businesspeople, and on medical English for doctors at Erasmus Hospital
Tailor-made course on written English for project and website management for an NGO
2012 Tailor-made English course for European Parliament security staff
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor (ISACA)
Internal Auditor, Belgacom
Project Management Professional (PMP, Project Management Institute)
2007 ITIL Foundation - Service Level Management
Project Manager and Service Level Manager, Oracle Forms Team, Belgacom
IT Project Management Process Expert, Belgacom
2000 IT Training Process Expert, Belgacom
Prosodist, Research Engineer and Project Manager, Lernout and Hauspie Speech Products
1993 Natural Sciences Research and Engineering of Canada Fellowship on Speech Production, Institute for Perception Research (Human-Machine Interfaces), Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands
1991 Director, Language Laboratory, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
1991 Grade Point Average 4.0 (of a maximum possible of 4.0)
1991 Ph.D. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Experimental Psychology, Speech Perception and Production
Lecturer, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Departments of Psychology, Linguistics, French and Spanish
1987 Master of Arts, Oxford University, Modern Languages (French and German)
Master of Arts, Linguistics, Thesis on acquisition of second language accent (intonation).
1985 Graduate Record Examination: in 99th percentile on analytical component.
1981 Bachelor of Arts, Oxford University, Modern Languages (French and German)
1977 1st in graduating class, Halifax Grammar School, Halifax, Canada
1976 Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT): 99th percentile verbal component; 97th percentile analytical component.
Grade 8 in Piano, Grade 3 in Musical Theory, Royal Conservatory of Toronto
1966 Scholarship to Toronto French School: first language immersion program in Canada

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