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Welcome to this website for English language services !

Every service is tailor-made to suit you.
If you don't find the service that you want, please ask. We will take your specifications and design the service that you need.

Contact: info@12workinenglish.com

Our English language services - what they do for you :

  Tutoring Services:   
Why practice being interviewed or negotiating with a native English speaker?
                                                         ...You DO want to feel comfortable under pressure in English.

Perhaps you're planning to give a presentation in English and you want help practising your answers to critical questionsPractice answering questions about your CV or slide show.

Perhaps you need to practice your presentation for promotion at the European Union!

Maybe you would like to prepare for the SAT, GRE or GMAT exams. Get an experienced tutor who's placed in the top 1% on the PSAT and the GRE.

You want a job that requires English and need a practice interview with probing questions, but in a safe environment before the real day arrives.

Or you're an English teacher with no English contacts and you'd like to stay in top form in front of your classes.

Or you work in English and feel frustrated because you can't find the English words to express your point of view adequately to your colleagues.          

being interviewed with a native English speaker. It will give you confidence!

Then tutoring is for you!

More tutoring possibilibities:

You're an English teacher who would like her pronunciation checked?
Or you'd like to Improve your business proposals and reports while you fix your spoken English too.

Or you're an agency who needs a teacher for an English course for adults.

Tutoring can be tailored to your combination of personal, business and  academic needs.
I have experience in business, government operations and science, in combination with English language expertise.

Editing / Proofreading Services: 
Need your written English checked ?

- Professional proofreading and editing for theses, financial reports, business newsletters, IT manuals, academic publications, applications for jobs and to universities, personal thank you letters...

Maybe you have a few questions about English that keep coming up ?

Or you're a manager who's wondering if his written reports are logical, adhere to professional standards and are grammatically correct ?

Translation Service:

Need a translation into English from French, Dutch, or German into English?

- Reports, websites, academic articles, manuals, advertising brochures, autobiographies, poems, lyrics...

You name it, I translate it.

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